domingo, 16 de octubre de 2016


On September 24th, the General Assembly of Members of the Galician Association of Lymphedema was held. The event lasted throughout the morning. Apart from internal affairs, other topics like strategic aspects and projection of the organization were valued.

 The day was completed with two lectures, both responding to needs identified in the association, and related to the disease:

1st Presentation / Most relevant and important nutritional considerations concerning Lymphedema.

Dr. Carlos Spuch

This lecture was presented by Dr. Carlos Spuch, ( Biomedical Scientist of the Biomedical Research Institute of Vigo). The speech focused towards the need to reflect on food and eating habits, and the elimination of false myths conserning today's food, as well as commercial trends related to prohibited or recommended foods.

2nd Presentation / Disability understood in a comprehensive way.

Ana Belen Moreno

The speaker was Social Worker Ana Belen Moreno Morales of COGAMI. The lecture focused on the social, economical and institutional resources working towards the promotion, protection, and rights of those affected by a disability. 

The day finished with a fraternity meal and a monologue by an amateur actress, who enlivened the event and caused laughter and amusement of the audience.

This event was held with the collaboration of the HOTEL CONGRESO - Santiago de Compostela.

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