sábado, 28 de marzo de 2015


On the 6th of March, Lymphedema Awareness Day was celebrated in all the Provinces and Reagions of Spain, and internationally in many countries.

In Galicia (North-West Autonomous Region of Spain) the Event took place in Vilagarcia de Arousa (Headquarters of the Galician Association of Lymphedema), where the Manifesto of the Spanish National Federation of Lymphedema-fedeal was read, and in which some of the following  requests are included:

  • The creation of real Multidisciplinary  Lymphedema Units in all Public Hospitals.

  • Training of public  health professionals in the management of lymphedema.

  • Equal and non-discriminatory access to Specialized Units for all patients alike, be they Primary or Secondary Lymphedema.

  • Supply of free Orthoprotesic Lymphedema Garments through the National Social Security, as they are an essential for lymphedema, as part of treatment for a chronic and progressive disease.

  • Supply of skin ointments through the Social Security, as they are indispensable to avoid serious complications, and for the maintenance of the disease.

  • Access to regular Clinical Maintenance Treatment  through the Public Health System. Many patients have to fund their own treatments.

  • Publication of a common Clinical Practice Guideline for the entire national territory, following current international consensus, and in cooperation with the National Spanish representation, of Lymphedema patients -FEDEAL.

  • Setting standards for evaluating and the recognition of impairment and disability due to lymphedema by the Spanish Health System and Administrations.

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