lunes, 9 de junio de 2014


The 1st Lymphedema Scientific Congress was a success, attended by more than a 100 health professionals from all over Galicia- Spain. The presentation was pre-registered to full capacity, and the audience was made up entirely of doctors, nurse and therapists. 

This was a comprehensive one-day conference presented in an academic setting, and organized by the AGL- Galician Lymphedema Association, with the support of the Santiago de Compostela University Hospital Lymphedema Service, run by Dr. Maria José Misa, and Dr. Bibiana Villamayor, and technical support by COGAMI- The Galician Disability Confederation.

The congress agenda featured a distinguished faculty, headed by Dr. Albert Leduc, leading authority on treatment for lymphatic disorders. His seminar was titled “The Scientific Evidence of Manual Lymph drainage”. 

The other key speakers were Specialists Dr. Rafaél López (Medical Oncologist), Dr. Senín (Vascular Surgeon), Dr. Maria José Misa (Physical Rehabilitation), Dr. Manuel Ginarte Val (Dermatologist), Dr. Jaume Masia (Microsurgery), and Pilar García and Carlos Manero (Complex Decongestive Therapy Physiotherapists).

This was a big step forward for health workers and therapists treating Lymphedema, as this is really the first time they have all had a chance to meet together like this. It was a day of education that will help to create a network of professionals working with this disease, and ultimately this will lead to higher recognition and better management of Lymphedema, which is the goal of the Association. The strength of this congress is that it has combined a group of people with interest in this area, with that of those who have been working in this area for quite some time, such as the experts who are members of the International and European Societies of Lymphology.

It was an inspirational event focused towards establishing standards of care for lymphedema patients. This was a chance to hear lectures by leaders in the field, and meet representatives from sponsoring companies that serve the lymphedema market, such as Medi and M3 Medical, with new and advanced products for the treatment of Lymphedema.

This first scientific congress was well-received, and speakers and participants all alike, stated looking forward to a new future event.

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